If your child will be absent from school, please call 250-652-2721 to report their absence. Please include your child’s first and last name, their division number, and the days that they will be absent.



Safe Arrival Program The Safe Arrival Program (SAP) is a system that enables the school to detect a child’s unexcused absence and initiate immediate action to notify children’s homes. The program ensures that the school and parents know a child’s whereabouts and help detect if something has happened to the child between home and school. Parents are requested to leave a message on the school Safe Arrival line before 8:40am on days that their student will be absent or late. Parents and guardians will be contacted if the student is missing and the parent does not phone in. Parent volunteers are present in the Safe Arrival Room each morning located across from the photocopy room near the office. Parents who volunteer for this position will be needed from about 8:35-9:30 most days sometimes a little longer depending on how many children are away or late.Students who do arrive late are required to check in with the SAP volunteer. Students are not permitted to enter classrooms without a late slip after the second bell.

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Lisa Woodward

Safe Arrival Coordinator

This vital program ensures our kids make it safely to class. A coordinator is needed to ensure there is a parent helper everyday to record known absences for students and follow up with any unplanned absences as they are informed by the teachers. Commitment for this position is year round but will take around 2-3 hours per month to coordinate. Shifts are 8:15 to 9:30am if you were to cover a shift yourself.

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