Emma Shearing

Fun Lunch Coordinator

The Fun Lunch is an important part of the PAC year and takes a lot of commitment. Preparing order sheets, accepting orders, ordering food and preparing the meals ready for distribution on the day, aligning orders with payments, counting cheques and cash and ensuring all the students get what they ordered on time; all of this takes a tremendous commitment. The fun lunch coordinator does not need to attend exec meetings but will commit approximately 24 hours per month on the program. Changes to online ordering may help reduce this time commitment dramatically.

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Fun Day 2017 PAC Coordinator

The Fun Day BBQ is an annual event in June. Planning is required around a month before to ensure the concessions are planned and purchased and volunteers are coordinated to staff the concessions day stand. The coordinator will also provide the advertising and marketing for the event, coordinate all activities on the day, ensure purchases are accounted for and money returned to the treasurer. There is almost no commitment required prior to the planning phase but once in that phase and through to the fun day itself there will be 20 hours per month of commitment required. The fun day is in late June.

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Melanie Lougheed

Forgotten Lunch coordinator

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Kris Walker

Library Volunteer

Michelle Martin

Safe Arrival Program Coordinator

This vital program ensures our kids make it safely to class. A coordinator is needed to ensure there is a parent helper everyday to record known absences for students and follow up with any unplanned absences as they are informed by the teachers. Commitment for this position is year round but will take around 2-3 hours per month to coordinate. Shifts are 8:15 to 9:30am if you were to cover a shift yourself.

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Staff Appreciation Lunch Coordinator

Once a year the PAC provides a pot luck lunch for the teachers and administrators at the school. The coordinator of this activity will prepare the advertising and organize the collection of pot luck lunches on the day, set up the room and coordinate the activity of all volunteers attending the event to make it a huge success. There is almost no commitment prior to event planning and during the planning and lunch phase would likely commit around 10 hours per month. The lunch takes place in early May.

michelle lindsay
Michelle Martin, Lindsay Tusche

Popcorn Coordinator

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Crossing Guard Coordinator

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Lisa Woodward

Kitchen Helper

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Katrina Stipec


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Scholastic Coordinator

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