PAC organises events, activities and programs throughout the year

  • Annual extra-curricular activities; Artist in Residence, Body Science , Safe KIDS, etc,
  • Organise volunteers for daily programs; safe arrival program, forgotten lunch, crossing guards
  • Monthly  and annual concession events for the kids; popcorn day, PAC lunch, fun day BBQ (see fundraising section)

PAC operates and supports many programs during the year and all money raised goes into the programs and events apart from a small amount for office supplies and other things that are needed to run the PAC.

Health and Wellbeing

Sessions for the wellbeing of children, both physically and mentally are an important part of child development and workshops for parents and children provide extra-curricular support in a sometimes awkward topic.

Safe Kids

Safe KIDS is a program designed to provide children and parents with information in an “enlightening not frightening” way on how to stay safe on the streets, at school and in the home.

Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence program provides in school and out of school practice and presentation of musical, drama and lyrical skills amongst others for kids in all years.

Fun Day concession

Each June, the school holds a “Fun Day” which includes a morning of fun activities for the kids, lunch on the school grounds and special events for the afternoon. Families are normally invited to attend the morning and the entire school community is encouraged to picnic on the school ground.

Safe Arrival Program

PAC organises volunteers for the Safe Arrival Program. If a child has not arrived at school and there is no notification volunteers will contact the parents to make sure the child is safe.

Crossing Guards

PAC helps to find volunteers for the school crossing guard program and ensures that all participants receive the required training.

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