Brentwood PAC

The PAC is a forum for parents and guardians within each school community to discuss matters affecting the school and the education of their children. Parents and guardians voices are a tremendous value to their school, offering a wealth of ideas and support in the challenges that face all schools. PACs communicate with their parent community gathering and discussing issues of importance regarding their school in order to adequately advise those that influence their school. In addition to PAC meetings communication may also be done through, newsletters, telephone, email, and websites so that all parents have the opportunity for input. PACs, with strong participation from parents, have an important influence on life at the school and the feelings the community has toward the school and education. There is strong evidence that increased parent involvement in the school results in increased student achievement, accomplishment, satisfaction, and bonding all of which result in decreased dropout rates and better citizen.

Brentwood PAC aims to contribute to the benefit of all students at Brentwood School by providing opportunities to communicate more about the school, involving parents and guardians in volunteer activities and decision making and openly discussing concerns and aspirations for the school. Parents are encouraged and invited to bring forth issues, suggestions, or concerns relating to your school community by contacting a member of the PAC Executive in person, by email or by letter or attending a PAC meeting. The PAC is not a forum to discuss individual students/staff problems or conflicts but the PAC Executive can help you communicate with the school administration by facilitating meetings or by sitting with you while you meet.

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