PAC receives money for the school mostly from these general areas,

  • Lottery grant; usually $20 per student, around $6,000
  • Profits from concessions and sales to parents and the community; PAC lunch, popcorn day, fun day bbq etc
  • Loyalty schemes; Coop member number and Thrifty smile cards as well as Canadian Tire money
  • Parent donations for a service; school supplies for instance

PAC operates and supports many programs during the year and all money raised goes into the programs and events apart from a small amount for office supplies and other things that are needed to run the PAC.

Lottery Grant

Lottery grants are provided by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch of the Government and are the equivalent of $20 per student at the school. Application for the grant is made by the PAC treasurer and funds are usually received in September of the school year once the number of students is known.

PAC Fun Lunch

Once a month, students have the opportunity to order a lunch organized by the PAC.  Lunch menus vary and all items are carefully selected to meet the BC Healthy Guidelines and are always sourced locally. Undelivered lunches are available for pick-up if required.

Popcorn Day

Once a month, the PAC provides a Popcorn Day. Bags of popcorn cost $2.50.  Popcorn is prepared and bagged by Kernels Popcorn.  Ordering is completed through the same platform as Fun Lunch.

Fun Day concession

It’s an annual Brentwood Elementary tradition for the PAC put on a Fun Day for the whole school community each June, which includes a morning of fun activities for the kids, lunch on the school grounds and special events for the afternoon. Families are normally invited to attend the morning and the entire school community is encouraged to picnic on the school ground.

School Supplies

Ordering school supplies is a yearly task for parents. Each Spring the PAC provides a service to make this easier allowing parents to pre-order for the next year. The supplies will be delivered to the students in June or prepared ready in the classroom for Kindergarten kids. To provide this service the PAC charges a small $5 fee which goes into the event and program funds for the year.

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