Jenn Hodgkinson


The President speaks on behalf of the PAC and consults with PAC members including presiding at membership and executive meetings. They ensure that an agenda is prepared, appoint committees where authorized by the membership or executive, ensure that the PAC is represented in school and district activities and ensure that PAC activities are aimed at achieving the purposes set out in the constitution.

Jakkie Corrigan


The Co-President is being trained and works along side the President to ensure all President responsibilities are being met.  The Co-President will speak on behalf of the PAC and consults with PAC members including presiding at membership and executive meetings in the absence of the President.

Role – Vacant

Vice President

The Vice President supports the president in executing their roles and responsibilities including assuming the duties of the president in the president and co-president’s absence or upon request. They also assist the president in the performance of their duties and accept extra duties as required. They are also responsible for forming a nomination committee for the new executive in advance of the Annual General Meeting.

Nikki Wicks


The Treasurer ensures all funds of the PAC are properly accounted for and disburses funds as authorized by the membership or executive. They ensure that proper financial records and books of account are maintained and report on all receipts and disbursements at general and executive meetings. They make financial records and books of account available upon request and ready for inspection or audit annually. With the assistance of the executive, they draft an annual budget and submit an annual financial statement at the annual general meeting.

Kim Richardson

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary ensures that members are notified of meetings, they record and file minutes of all meetings and keep an accurate copy of the constitution and bylaws, and make copies available to members upon request. They prepare and maintain other documentation as requested by the membership or executive and issue and ensure safekeeping of all records of the council.

Gabe Unser & Madison Powell

Communications Coordinators

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for the management of all  PAC communication channels including Facebook, Instagram and Website.  Ensuing information is posted pertaining to upcoming events or happenings.  The Communications Coordinator will also assist with making necessary posters or other communication pieces on an as needed basis.

Shawna Lynch & Ashley McCartie

Fundraising Coordinators

The Fundraiser Coordinators are responsible for overseeing and managing the various events that happen throughout the year.  With consultation with the rest of the Executive, the Fundraiser Coordinators will ensure then necessary steps are taken and adequate volunteers are organized.

Jen Gillespie & Michelle Costin

Jen – Fun Lunch Coordinator

The Fun Lunch Coordinator is responsible for the “back of house” duties related to the monthly Fun Lunch and Popcorn Days.  This includes making sure the hotlunch platform is up to date with event dates, menu items as well as opening and closing the order period.  The Fun Lunch Coordinator will work with the necessary supplies (Pizza, Sushi, Milk, Treats) to ensure orders are placed.

Michelle – Fun Lunch Facilitator

The Fun Lunch Facilitator works closely with our coordinator and looks after the organizing of volunteers; making sure the “day of” operations run smoothly.


Indigenous Representative

Responsible for communicating and acting as a liaison for the Indigenous community at Brentwood Elementary and will bring forth the Indigenous perspective.


COPACS Representative

The COPACS Representative attends all District PAC (COPACS) meetings and represent, speak, and vote on behalf of the PAC. They maintain current registration of the PAC and report regularly to the membership and executive on all matters relating to COPACS. They seek and give input to COPACS on behalf of the PAC, receive, circulate, and post newsletters, brochures, and announcements and receive and act on all other communications from COPACS including liaising with other parents and COPACS representatives.

Members at Large

Julie Madsen
Mya Kinnear
Amy Weisgerber
Lindsey Warren
Madi Robinson

Members at Large shall assist in coordinating and planning PAC events and programs throughout the year.

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