PAC works with the school and parents to distribute funds raised or granted through the lottery in support of relevant programs, events or activities in the school. For grant funding there are strict criteria here which regulate how the money can be spent, for funds raised or donated there are less restrictions.

Forgotten Lunch

PAC helps to fund this program which is provided by the school to ensure all students receive a healthy lunch even if they forget to bring theirs. Lunch items are purchased from local sources and kept in stock so they are always available whenever needed.

Classroom Allocations

Between $125 and $175 is donated to each classroom teacher to purchase “nice to have” items which are not normally provided by the school or school district. Examples range from stickers and craft items to one-off items like cameras. All items remain with the classroom.

Field Trip Fund

PAC donates around $12 per student to support the school field trips which totals around $4,000 per year.

Healthy Eating Program

$500 is allocated to supporting healthy eating programs which maintain fruit and vegetables in the students diet.

Earthquake Preparedness

PAC provides funds to ensure preparedness in the event of an earthquake by keeping supplies up to date.

Grade 5 Farewell Medallions and Yearbooks

Each year PAC supports the purchase of medallions and yearbooks for departing grade 5 students.

Carol Anne Burns Scholarship

When funds allow the PAC provides a bursary to a student of a local high school who had previously attended Brentwood Elementary School to support the student’s attendance at a Fine Arts College. The Bursary is awarded through application and granted against criteria provided by the benefactor.

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