Fun Lunch:

When:  The 3rd Wednesday of the month, students have the opportunity to order a ͞Fun Lunch organized by the PAC.

How:    Ordering is done online as it saves paper and our parent volunteers hours of work.   You can complete a one time registaration of your child/ren and then complete your upcoming fun lunch orders here:


You will be notified that the online fun lunch ordering has started on our PAC Facebook Page and at  On Lunch day, volunteers will deliver lunches to student desks or spots. Undelivered lunches are always available for pick-up in the kitchen fridge by 12:00 on Lunch day.


Popcorn Day:

PAC supports a Popcorn Day the usually the last Monday of every month starting in October. You will be notified that the online popcorn ordering has started on our PAC Facebook Page and at
Popcorn can be pre-ordered here: STAY TUNED FOR NEW ORDERING LINK
Bags are $1.00 each. In March the popcorn is free!

Questions: If you have any questions about either of these programs please contact us at:

Caitlyn Addlestone & Pam Carvalho

Fun Lunch Coordinators

The Fun Lunch is an important part of the PAC year and takes a lot of commitment. Preparing order sheets, accepting orders, ordering food and preparing the meals ready for distribution on the day, aligning orders with payments, counting cheques and cash and ensuring all the students get what they ordered on time; all of this takes a tremendous commitment. The fun lunch coordinator does not need to attend exec meetings but will commit approximately 24 hours per month on the program.


Contact Us

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