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Fun lunch – Call for Help
We need your help Brentwood! We urgently need two new Fun Lunch coordinators in order to keep our program running. The next Fun Lunch is scheduled to take place in April.
Position #1: Running the HotLunch platform for both Fun Lunch and Popcorn; this includes, opening/closing order status, entering order details and printing labels and reports. It also involves working closely with other volunteers to ensure product orders are placed and numbers align. The time commitment is approximately 5-10 hours a month.
Position #2: Managing the operations day of Fun Lunch. This includes finding and organizing volunteers, ensuring product orders are filled that match the quantities required, organizing lunch bags per division with labels, filling the bags as well as addressing any questions and issues on the day. The time commitment is approximately 10 hours a month, including being present from 9am to 12pm on Fun Lunch days.
If you are interested in either of these positions, please reach out to
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